BINOS Technology Glue Blending and Dosing Systems

Hush…The recipe of the perfect resin is top secret!

BINOS develops and produces automatic glue blending and dosing systems to gain the best result of your top secret resin.

The technology is designed with an automatic gravimetric preparation with electronic control for the glue mixing process.
A computerized system takes care of and controls the dosage. The prepared glue mixture is atomatically supplied to the static mixer.

BINOS Technology for Resins at one glance:

  • BINOS resins storage control system
  • Continous control of the glue mixture process
    • Computerized system that controls the dosing of each component
    • Fast detection of malfunction
    • Recipe management
  • Automatic supply to the static mixer
  • Control of Temperature of the Tanks/Silos
  • BINOS is coding software solutions for your special needs!

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