BINOS Ultra Scraper

The innovative regulation already inside the dosing bin with BINOS Ultra Scraper

Field of Application: Particleboard

In existing lines the production manager influenes the discharge unit while adjusting the scraper pins with an hammer during production downtime inside the dosing bin. With the BINOS Ultra Scraper there is no need to crawl inside the dosing bin to adjust the pins. Consequently, that application reduces accident risks as adjustments can be made during production from outside the dosing bin.

Achieve high quality with optimized material input for particleboard production!

Benefits of the BINOS Ultra Scraper

  • Adjustment during production
  • Material savings
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low installation costs
  • System automation possible
  • Reduced area weight deviations
  • Upgrade in existing lines possible
  • Productivity increase due to lower tolerances
  • Influencing the material distribution (e.g. in the edge areas)

Design Options

  • Manually adjusted Scraper
  • Motorized adjusted Scraper


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