BINOS Scalper

Discover the innovative characteristics of our Scalper – for an improved weight distribution to gain more homogeneous products.

Field of application: MDF|HDF, Particleboard, OSB

Rotors with adjustable height

Each rotor is adjustable in height so single profiles or an area can be cut out of spread material

Efficient recycling of material

The removed material can be returned to the production process again – no material loss


Combined with the GreCon Dieffensor the BINOS Scalper builds the Formator

Online Measurements

The Formator provides continuous measurements and the position of the single rotors is regulated automatically according to the data
Find more information about the Formator on the GreCon Website

 Benefits of the BINOS Scalper

  • Homogeneous Board surface
  • Reduction of material costs
  • Positive impact on the area weight
  • Efficient Finishing processes
  • Consistent high quality, less non conforming panels
  • Online measurements of surface and regulation of rotors automatically
  • Static or dynamic troubleshooting possible, depends on chosen design


The BINOS Scalper is supplied as a seperate aggregate and can be integrated additionally to existing scalping decives.

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