BINOS Calender Press

The Ultra Pressing Approach for the production of MDF|HDF panels and particleboards

Field of Application: MDF|HDF, Particleboards
BINOS Technology: Ultra Pressing Approach

The Ultra Pressing Approach consists among others of the Calender Press for MDF|HDF and particleboards. The Calender Press enables fast production speed due to high pressure distribution and fast increase of temperature in the board.

Ultra Pressing Approach

BINOS Calender Press for MDF|HDF and particleboard, especially for ultra thin boards

Ultra Pressing Approach

BINOS Calender Press for homogeneous surfaces – ready for further processing – direct coating – direct lamination


Benefits of the BINOS Calender Press

  • fast production speed
  • Easy handling
  • Boards ready for further process
  • Space efficient
  • Smooth production running is enabled, adapted to efficient Forming – Pressing – Finishing processes
  • Energy efficiency
  • Proven Technology


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