Added value for more satisfied customers – Part 3

Utilizing entire value chain

With our latest blog posts “Added-value for more satisfied customers – part 1 and 2” we were aiming to show how the customers’ needs influence our company activities positively and how we are creating more value for more satisfaction. These posts deal with joint project and product development.
With our third part we want to draw your attention to the fact that our customers as well as prospects are contacting us to talk and discuss about utilizing the entire value chain.

Recently we have received visitors from Egypt with very interesting topics.
The company operates in the construction material industry and disposes a great amount of biological waste products. Currently, these “raw materials” are neither recycled nor used for producing valuable products. But this situation should be changed while using these materials for producing valuable panels.

We have presented our visitors the possibilities and our technologies which would be suitable for this special case. The know-how of BINOS was convincing so we have agreed on lab tests as one of the next steps.
First we will test quality and characteristics of the raw materials to be processed. As next step we will check if there is need to prepare the raw materials for the production process. As last step our technologists will produce samples and examine the technical characteristics should the results be satisfying for both parties. Of course, the norm plays also an important role.

Even though our visitors have technical knowledge, the panel production processes are relatively unknown. So we have organized a visit at an MDF|HDF production site to demonstrate the processes.

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