We create added value for more satisfaction!

how binos adds valueBINOS is very customer-oriented. We are more than just a machinery and plant manufacturer for our clients. We are creating added-value and we would like to draw your attention to it!

The focus shouldn’t be just the product portfolio but how we are developing and establishing projects as well as products together with our clients. Just with intensive exchanges with our customer we are able to add extra value.

As a medium-sized, owner-operated company we are interested passionately in developing innovative solutions for our customers. Your needs and problems are our concerns. It is very important to create a unique selling point for your production line and your company in general. Consequently you will be able to distinguish from other companies.

For this reason we know ourselves as your “plant tuner”. With satisfaction we are increasing your plant performance and quality standards. It is remarkable how many technologists and plant operators are contacting us on a regular basis for knowledge exchange. We support you where we can. The mutual exchange and joint product development is very important to us. That is why we take care and maintain our relationships with reputable research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI) and with the Institute for wood technology Dresden (IHD). Together with these research institutes and/ or our customers we are developing efficient solutions even in niche market areas as for example the usage of alternative raw materials.

But how do we deal with joint project development? And where is the added value for our customers?

That is easy to explain. We do not impose you to purchase more products than really needed for your production objective. Our aim is that you are satisfied and that you are able to achieve or even increase your production objectives. With our flexible and lean concepts you will receive solutions nobody has and that is your unique selling point.

Furthermore it is essential that you are well consulted. At site we are evaluating the current conditions. In discussions we are open for your requirements and needs and in the following we are developing a solution that suits you.

Some time ago one of our customers has contacted us with a special case. The customer was aware that we are a reliable partner especially when it comes to niche market solutions. Its’ request: much biomass waste should be converted into valuable products. So far the waste was thermally disposed. So BINOS should find a way to use this biomass in a valuable manner. So why not making panels out of that?

We asked our customer to send us the raw materials for laboratory and analytical uses.

Previously we supported our customer with its’ profitability analysis and advised about market potentials as well as application areas.

As we have received the biomass the tests could begin. We always stayed in contact with our customer to get him well informed about our progress. After a very short time the result were already satisfying so we have arranged a meeting to present our analyses. At the same time we have seized the opportunity to show our customer some reference plants.

In this way we could show each process in detail during operation. As we are dealing with alternative raw materials in this case some individual processes and machines needed to be adapted to the used raw material. These adjustments were demonstrated easily at the reference plants.

The customer was convinced by our expertise and is today very satisfied with its efficient production line.

This project clearly shows that we are a reliable partner in each project phases. We think that the most important thing is to ensure open discussions, should interfaces are not operating properly.

Intensive cooperation and satisfied customers are really important to us.