BINOS Modernization

We modernize your old-fashioned plants and machines

We have also extensive experience in modernizing plants and machines. BINOS has concentrated its business focus on that area as a high demand is generated. New investments are often risky and we think that old does not mean poor. We appreciate old plants and machines and it should not lose its shine. We adapt your plant performance to your current and future situation, therefore the production niveau can be improved with your old fashioned plants.

Our service includes:

  • Consulting in purchasing of supplementary parts and machines
  • Consulting in the choice of suitable suppliers
  • Technical design and calculation of the plant which needs to be modernized for performance increase


You would like to receive more information about our modernization project? Then do not hesitate to contact

Mr. Joerg Feise

  • +49 5041 993 41
  • +49 170 9052789
  • +49 170 9052789
  • joerg.feise@binos.de
  • joerg.feise.binos
  • +49 170 9052789