BINOS Ultra Press inside the Surface Magazine 2018

Everything in the “Green Zone” with the Double Belt Press “Ultra Press CPL” from BINOS

A durable double belt press is presented by BINOS GmbH with its proven and further developed technology “Ultra Press”. The press is unbeatable when it comes to environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. A risk of fire is almost impossible.
Considerable cost savings can be achieved due to reduced exhaust air technology. Even the scope of wet scrubber parts and press pits is reduced.
In traditional production processes panels are first pressed, the surface finishing process is following afterwards. The “Ultra Press” combines the different processes to one and enables direct surface finishing during the pressing.
Also the production of rigid core and homogeneous PVC flooring products wasn’t that easy before. The double belt press from BINOS is specially designed for products which require high pressure and temperature at a high capacity. The press uses isobaric pressure. As the problem of changing line pressure in continuous presses can be avoided with isobaric area pressure. This enables many product benefits. The surface specialist “Melaplast”, manufacturer of CPL in Schweinfurt produces its products on such a high-performance press already for 30 years and is still satisfied with its production results.

On demand and in dependence of the product requirements the press is able to perform isochoric in certain parts. So a combined production method is adjustable. Each product can be pressed according to the desired temperature curve and under continuous pressure in the heating zone, after which it is actively cooled. The modular design enables maximum product and process flexibility. One customer, based in the Netherlands, has already recognized that the “Ultra Press” plays an important role in the whole production process. That is why a project manager of the Dutch company says: “The press forms the end product”. The company produces homogeneous flooring products on the “Ultra Press” in three shifts. It was demanded to exclude the grinding process from production, so highest requirements on the press in terms of tolerances and surface needed to be fulfilled. For that reason the production line in the Netherlands is unique. Because it is the only one without a grinding machine inside the production process. Furthermore the belt run is very precise which leads to a very fixed product. That is why the “Ultra Press” is a maintenance-friendly and durable system. The Dutch customer has a stable process after just a short start-up time – no further adjusting/ handling is needed. The “Ultra Press” convinces where other press systems have their limits – “everything in the green zone”.

Ultra Press Artikel im Surface Magazin (German only)