BINOS says “Yes” to Charter for Wood (Charta für Holz 2.0 of the German Federal Government)

Charter 2.0: Climate protection. Create value. Use ressources efficiently.

The German government has implemented the Charter for Wood 2.0 for climate protection measures and to support the sustainable use of resources.

The primary objectives are as follows

  • Climate protection
  • Creating value
  • Ressource efficiency

Timber should be used in a sustainable manner as it belongs to finite ressources. The forest provides habitat and reduces the CO2 emissions. So the forest generates a significant contribution to climate protection. The Charter for Wood 2.0 concretize the timber usage from substantial forest management. Therfore it is very important that all affected actors show solidarity to this Charter and all activities should be focused on the objectives of the Charter.

BINOS considers it as a duty to provide the market with solutions which support the sustainable usage of raw materials. The development of technololgies for the ressource and material efficient timber usage began already at an early stage at BINOS. On demand BINOS is testing in its laboratory the suitability of materials for the panel production. The post “Added value for our customers – part 2” deals with this the topic too. Moreover BINOS is doing research on appropriate technologies with notable research centres.

BINOS’ technologies enables the efficient raw material usage. That saves the plant operator’s money and the climate. Even the panel production with quickly renewable raw materials or annual plants is already possible on a large scale.
Biomass/ Agrifibre, which grow in the mid-latitude was burned as no applications for the plants were identified. With BINOS technology such raw materials can now be used properly. These plants offer a great alternative to wood.

One current project in Norway is guided by the motto “sustainability” for which BINOS is technology supplier. A wood fibre insulation production line is near completion.

BINOS says “Yes” to the Charter for Wood 2.0 and wants to make a difference!