It’s Time to Make Changes!

New Corporate Design Brings a Breath of Fresh Air

When decision was taken to change our identity we only had one question to answer: “What and how?”
There was one point upon which all agreed: BINOS should become younger, fresh and more exciting. For that reason we needed to make changes, changes which will be realized!
At this stage our marketing agency Jenko Sternberg Design has supported us a lot and has carried out step by step the change to a new logo and new identity.
Our new advertisements with the new BINOS colour world (Surface Magazin 2018, MDF Magazin 2018, wbpi October/November n.a.) show us in a more attractive manner. Of course we remain loyal to our bison because history made us to whom we are now and that shouldn’t be forgotten. The new lettering is more attractive and modern. The bison pushs BINOS forward to an innnovative future. The incomplete letter “B” represents flexibility and finding the right solutions, in human resources as well as in customer area.
We are ready for change and movement!

Many thanks to Jenko Sternberg Design for supplying a breath of fresh air!
See how time flies and how our bison has changed over the years.







BINOS proudly presents the new Corporate Design.