BINOS Production Line for Facade Boards

Become a Trendsetter with our line

Field of Application: Facade boards
BINOS Technologies: Wind Forming (similar to forming for particleboard production, adapted)

Modest and extravagant facades

Meet high design requirements
and produce stunning facades

Wow - such a strong board

Resistant against fire, humidity, termites and fungis

The green board - green building trend

Natural ingredients, eco-friendly production. Ecological - without any compromises

Ready-to-install construction material

Stop producing half-finished products – Start with ready for the market products – efficient value chain.

Benefits of facade boards

  • Versatile construction material
  • Facades
  • Flooring application
  • Wet rooms application
  • Acoustic applications – sound absorbing
  • Production of diverse board surfaces
    – smooth, structured, lacquered

Benefits of BINOS production line

  • Energy-saving production
  • BINOS structure enhancer for individual designs
  • Smart finishing process
  • Repeatability of products
  • Consistent high quality
  • High degree of flexibility


We have extensive experiences in setting production lines for facade boards into operation.

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