BINOS Ultra PB – Particleboard Line

Technology for the particleboard production

Ultra PB Particleboard line – Furniture Manufacturers: Get Independent!

Field of application: Particleboard
BINOS Technologies: Wind forming, Calander Press

YOUR Individuality

Do you require individual sizes, types
and strengths for your furniture production?

YOUR Needs

Your needs and the needs of your customers are changing fast? Product development begins already at the used materials?

Make the Difference

Differentiate with used material
produce YOUR individual particleboards

Towards the Independence

The BINOS Ultra PB production line will be adapted to YOUR special needs and furniture production

Benefits of the BINOS Ultra PB Production Line

  • Lean and efficient production
  • Flexible production
  • High performance
  • Optimized product development of your furnitures
  • Decrease of transportation costs
  • Diverse capacities possible
  • Individual products
  • For immediate use in your furniture production


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The particleboards which are produced on the BINOS Ultra PB production line can be extra light, because also furniture becomes more and more light. The board is strong where it needs to be strong but also thin and flexible where it needs to be at the same time.

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