BINOS Insulation Plant – Ultra Flex

Production of Ecological Insulation Materials with BINOS Technology

BINOS has developed and launched the ultimate insulation plant for you.  Benefit from our unique Fibre Turbine technology and the Ultra Forming principle to produce best insulation boards which differentiate from present insulation materials!

Field of Application: wood fiber insulation boards, Mineral fibre insulation boards
BINOS Technologies: Fibre Turbine, Ultra Former, BINOS Scalper

Most efficient Spreading Result

Best fibre distribution, already in the beginning a defined spreading height

Substantial Savings

Spreading process much more efficient as usual processes; savings of machine park possible; shorter payback period

Your advantages with BINOS

  • Lean production
  • Efficient process
  • Low maintenance effort
  • High Energy efficiency
  • Best agglomeration of fibres and spreading accuracy
  • Competitive production costs


  • More insulation with less material input
  • Improved Lambda value
  • Improved board strength characteristics
  • Improved sound insulation
  • High-quality insulation boards


BINOS Core Process

  • Mixing
  • Dissolving
  • Spreading and Forming

Get the most out of your production – with BINOS.


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