Ultra Line – Discover the Ultimate Combination

New Forming and Pressing Approach at BINOS

We are specialists in forming and pressing processes. With Ultra Forming and Ultra Pressing we present our innovative solutions for diverse application areas.

Field of Application: Homogeneous PVC-floors, MDF|HDF, Insulation materials, Particleboards
BINOS Technologies: Ultra Former, Ultra Press, Calender Press

Ultra Forming Approach

BINOS' innovative forming processes for MDF|HDF, insulation boards and particleboard production

Ultra Forming Approach

BINOS’ innovative forming processes for homogeneous PVC-floors

Ultra Pressing Approach

BINOS Calender Press especially for ultra thin MDF|HDF and particleboards

Ultra Pressing Approach

BINOS Ultra Press for homogeneous PVC-floorings

Benefits of the BINOS Ultra Line

  • Lean production
  • Fast ROI
  • Repeatability of products
  • Consistently high quality
  • Significant material savings
  • Less wear and tear


We improve your production with the new BINOS Ultra Forming and the BINOS Ultra Pressing Approach.

Unbeatable combination!

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