BINOS Ultra Press

The New Pressing Approach at BINOS


Ultimative plastic floors, adapted to current design requirements

Homogeneous Surface

Isobaric Pressure over width and length,
consistent high product quality

Direct Coating

Surface finish already during the
pressing process

Achieve the Perfect Finish

Perfected process for decor- and plastic flooring
With the BINOS Ultra Press you will produce the ultimative products which differentiate from present solutions!

Field of Application: Plastic flooring (PVC, LVT)

Benefits of the BINOS Ultra Press 

  • Energy saving press system
  • Low maintenance
  • Isobaric pressure distribution
  • Adaptation to your needs and applications

Benefits of PVC floors 

  • Homogeneous material composition, colour and structure
  • Low material input
  • Variety of design
  • Diverse material thicknesses with constant material characteristics


The BINOS Ultra Press creates a homogeneous surface by an isobaric pressure over width and length. That means that a continuous material composition can be achieved over the whole thickness. Explore the consistent high quality of structure, color and surface – Made for the high design requirements of your customers!

Our press can be adapted to your needs and desired application area. Accordingly, a isochoric pressing is also possible or a combination of both pressing methods.


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